Keeping the 'BALL' Principles of Modern Play!

Date Posted: 3/27/2016

The recent bad form of the USMNT in all competitions can best be expressed in head coach Jurgen Klinsmann's own words, "I see that we struggle to keep the ball, that we struggle to have a combination, a rhythm, movement off the ball."  This honest and accurate assessment of USMNT performance is rooted in a style of play that has hindered the evolution of modern soccer for years in the United States.  Instead of adopting, teaching, and insisting  on a more proactive possession-oriented style of soccer the US produces more of the same old rudimentary over the top, hit it and hope style that relies more on hustle and toil than technical skill and tactical understanding.  It is time that we insist that our players and teams on every level of US Soccer be taught a more modern approach to the game!   Creative Player DMAC Futbol is a training methodology and curriculum that does insist on teaching a more progressive possession-oriented style of play featuring dynamic movement and coordination for the modern game!  DMAC Futbol teaches players and teams to keep the following 'BALL' principles of modern play necessary to transform US Soccer:

  • B - all on the ground
  • A - way from pressure
  • L - ook and see the field
  • L - ines of diagonal movement

By teaching and keeping these four basic principles of play players whether they are ages 6 or 16 whether amateur or professional can begin to play a more dynamic possession oriented soccer that is fit for today's real game.  Modern soccer requires exceptional technique and tactical understanding that is based on modern principles.  To play with the 'ball on the ground' player's must posses superior technical quality both in foot and body position.  To 'play away from pressure' instead of fighting with the opponent requires a new mentality a more intelligent approach.  Players must 'look and see the field' and support eachother with dynamic 'lines of diagonal movement' in all phases of play whether in defense, buildup of play, or in creating chances and scoring goals.  It is time for US Soccer to teach the right way and that must be modeled at the top by USMNT and MLS, and also taught and modeled at the bottom at the most basic levels of American youth soccer!  This is how we will transform our outdated ineffective style of play and begin to transform our country into a modern soccer nation!