SKILLS Curriculum

The Creative Player “SKILLS” curriculum contains six core areas of development for exciting attacking soccer!

SKILLFUL FOOTWORK: Foundational exercises that teach dynamic movement and coordination both with and without the ball.  Emphasis is placed on developing the correct body and foot positions essential to the Creative Player Soccer Learning System!

KILLER MOVES: Exercises that instill creative dribbling technique and conduction of the ball over a distance with the development of 1 v 1 moves. These foundational moves provide the basis for beating opponents and creating scoring chances.

INSTINCTIVE PASSING & RECEIVING: Exercises that emphasize the development of correct foot position and dynamic movement in relationship to passing and receiving technique.  Basic combinations are rehearsed and mastered.     

LETHAL SHOOTING: Exercises that create the thrill of scoring goals with speed and deadly accuracy from different angles and directions. Players are challenged to develop the instep drive with both the right and left foot.

LIGHTNING SPEED: Exercises that foster straight ahead speed, lateral speed and agility, and dynamic coordination.  Emphasis is placed on developing sound running mechanics in relationship to arm action, leg action, and body posture.

STRATEGIC GAMES: Small-sided games that introduce players to the basic tactical elements of the game, moving from the simple to more complex. Emphasis is placed on applying technical skills to game situations and acquiring tactical insight.


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