Creative Player - A Visionary Approach

Date Posted: 4/18/2008

Creative Player is pleased to continue to offer programs that inspire players to learn creative attack building skills for the modern game.  No doubt the primary consideration for players in their developmental years is to acquire exceptional technique and game understanding.  It is the goal of Creative Player to continue to move the traditional American soccer establishment with its pervasive Northern European influence more toward the South American school of soccer.


For too long the American player has been restricted and stifled from developing the artistry and skill characteristic of the Latin and South American game.  The physical tactical approach chararcteristic of the British game has dominated youth and college soccer to the point that the game has become over simplified and brutish.  Games resembling train wrecks have littered the American soccer landscape.  This kick and run, hit it and hope, mindless style of soccer has completely diminished the role of the Creative Player and has destroyed much of the beauty of the game.


The solution to the problem is for Americans to adopt a more multi-cultural approach that looks to create a truly American version of the game that includes the most successful and skillful soccer cultures of the world .  Creative Player recently expanded its curriculum to include principles and techniques found in the South American school of soccer.  The Creative Player Coaching Vision is now even more cutting edge with the inclusion of staff members who have firsthand knowledge and experience of playing and teaching the beautiful game.


I truly believe that as American parents, players and coaches discover the incredible riches of the South American school of soccer they will never want to return to the baleful British model that is becoming obsolete at the professional and international level.  The landscape of American soccer is changing very quickly.  The face of American soccer is now a multicultural one that includes the beauty of the Latin American game.  Creative Player is pleased to embrace this new American soccer vision and hopes to inspire the next generation of players to reach their full potential as Creative Players!


John Pietak

Founder of Creative Player, Inc.