Zinedine Zidane Former World Class Player Becoming World Class Coach

Date Posted: 6/5/2017

Zinedine Zidane, nicked named "Zizou" is one of Europe's greatest ever Creative Players. What he did as an attacking midfield player for Real Madrid, winning La Liga and Champions League titles, he now has done as their coach!  In just 17 months as Real Madrid's manager, Zinedine Zidane has won two Champions League Trophies and a La Liga title.  How does a former World Football Player of the Year experience such immediate success?  Yes, it is true that he has world class players available to him at every position, but the truth is that Zidane, knows how to motivate his players because he believes in their abilities to play at the highest level of performance because he himself provided the example!  This is who Zidane was as a player: a champion, master technician, full of confidence, determination, and belief!  He now instills this in his players and his team for Real Madrid.  He expects them to acheive because he acheived, he knows this is what great players do and together this is what great teams do they win through superior performance! 

This is the heart of Creative Player Coaching Philosophy.  It starts with the coach providing the right example.  We believe that young emerging players learn best by immitating and emulating the actions of their coach who model and teach perfect technique and communicate and teach modern principles of play.  Creative Player DMAC Futbol features dynamic movement and coordination for the modern game.  We developed a modern futbol learning system based on today's real game: ball on the ground, away from pressure, look and see the field, and lines of diagonal movement.  When superior technique is combined with modern principles of play, we believe, much like Zidane, that superior performance will follow - encouraged always by the right attitude and belief.  This is what leads to true enjoyment of today's winning futbol!